The Works of Sarah "Neila" Elkins

Projects past and Present

Novels and Comics

I have worked in the comics industry since 2008 as a flatter, penciler, inker, and colorist. Apart from my art I also write novels. Below you’ll find samples of several projects I’ve worked on throughout my career in comics and more recently as a writer.

If you’d like to find out more about my work and what I can do for you, feel free to get in touch with me.


Psychic Underground: The Facility

Book 1 in my Psychic Underground series out now from Ninestar Press.

Being psychic is just another aspect of life for Neila Roddenberry. So are dreams of a past life as Nikola Tesla. She's sure that last part is the result of reading the wrong mind at the wrong time without realizing it. Neither are things she talks about much. Her friends know she's psychic, but no one knows about the dreams. She's twenty-three, asexual, and unemployed with ambitions to become a freelance artist and writer.

On the way home from visiting friends, Neila gets caught up in a terrorist attack, then wakes up in an underground psychic testing facility. Raised by a doomsday-prepper father, Neila is unusually prepared for the possibility of being whisked away to a secret lab somewhere. When she is faced with the choice of working for the scientists studying psychics at the facility, she takes the job as both an agent and a test subject.

But not everyone in the facility wants to be there.


I started work on Magic Remains as a means to relearn how to make comics after being unable to use my drawing arm for about a year. It's be a rough road but I have regained my ability to make art and tell stories visually.


Psychic Underground: The Hunt

Book 2 in my Psychic Underground series out now from Ninestar Press.

​The Facility is undergoing repairs after a chaotic failed escape attempt by several psychic test subjects some months ago. Neila and Henry’s mission is to locate potential psychics for the scientists at the Facility to study, but they have other ideas.

Neila can’t shake the idea of Nikola Tesla from her mind, and it’s getting worse as bizarre things start happening to herself and Henry. As they hunt for more about Neila’s possible past life, they aren’t sure if they will find answers or if they will become the hunted.

Things are not peaceful back at the Facility as troubling secrets come to light, and the Psychic Underground may never be the same.


Hero Cats of Stellar City

Shortly after beginning my recovery from my arm problems I was hired to ink two issues of Hero Cats of Stellar City.

Issue 13 was a special Halloween themed issue.


Issue 15 was an origin story for Rocket, the high flying space cat. I also got to ink the cover for that issue.


I drew a short comic for Womanthology: Heroic as well as inked the main figure on the cover. I also flatted other comics in the book and got to ink the cover for Womanthology: Space.