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40% off sale on Ninestar Press books!

For Pride Month only you can get 40% your ENTIRE CART at the Ninestar Press site by using the special code: PRIDE

You can pick up my novel Psychic Underground The Facility & some other great queer books while you're at it then use the PRIDE promo code!

Just click this link to head to the Ninestar Press site to pick up your copy of The Facility:

Cover art for The Facility was made by the amazing Natasha Snow !

Asexual pride flag in the graphic was added by me. 💜💜💜💜 Remember, that's 40% off EVERYTHING in your cart when you make a purchase using the code PRIDE on the Ninestar Press website this month!

This amazing graphic was made by Alex Harrow, another wonderful Ninestar Press author! Head on over to the site and get yourself some awesome queer books on sale! -Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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