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Bad arm days cause writing delays

Hey everyone! Sorry there haven't been any updates to The Wrong Wizards in a few days. My arms haven't been feeling great so I've had to choose between working on my NaNoWriMo book or work and work has won out for the most part. I will still write on The Wrong Wizards, however and will post the chapters as I get them done, it just wont be a story I hammer out only in November.

In the mean time please enjoy this little gif of Nikola Tesla I made on Monday.

Overall the changing weather, which keeps going from warm to cold and back again where I'm at isn't helping my arms. Neither is my putting off doing my daily massaging and icing of them or forgetting to eat my daily gummy bears. I have found gummy candy helps a lot. I could just eat jello but that stuff makes me gag so, yeah. ^_^;

I am going to try to do a better job taking care of my arms the rest of this week and month so I can write more on The Wrong Wizards as well as work on comics and write other stuff like Psychic Underground Book 3. ^_^; Maybe I'll even post some work in progress shots of the comic I'm drawing soon?

Thank you for your patience. Sorry these sorts of delays always happen with anything I do. There will be more The Wrong Wizards this month! Just, not today. ^_^;

- Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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