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Launching my site

Hello and welcome to my new website.

It's going to be changing a bit as I learn how to use the Wix thing to create it but I hope it helps you learn about the various things I have worked on and am still creating. I haven't posted samples of every project I've had a hand in due to some of them being very old. This initial post will be rather short as I am still getting the hang of things.

I won tickets to the Battle Angel Alita Experience
Sarah "Neila" Elkins with a Deckman

Who am I?

My name is Sarah Elkins. I've used the screen name/pen name 'Neila' and 'NeilaK20' online for years. I started working in comics as a professional flatter in 2008 until 2015 when the tendons in the elbow of my right arm ossified and became solid rendering me unable to use my drawing hand for almost a year. I've also penciled, inked, and colored comics since 2008 as a freelance artist. When my tendons ossified I started writing more using my left hand and rewrote an old story featuring my character named 'Neila.' The book, Psychic Underground: The Facility, was published by Ninestar Press in March 2018. I am currently working with Ninestar Press on the second book in the series. While the condition that affected my tendons will never go away, I will always have tendons that try to turn to bone and always deal with pain, I have learned how to manage it better and have regained my ability to draw over the last four years.

I hope I can remember to update this blog far more regularly than previous blogs I tried to maintain. ^_^; I will post when I'm going to be at events as well as progress regarding art, comics, and novels.

Thank you for stopping by. Please check out my novels and comics if you have time.

By the Blade

Magic Remains

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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