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Psychic Underground: The Facility Guest post on M.D. Neu's blog. Also thoughts on book reviews.

Psychic Underground: The Facility is a fantasy book with elements of horror that follows an asexual psychic with past life problems as she meets other queer psychics in a secret lab. It was physically difficult for me to write due to health reasons but also one of the things that got me through.

It goes without saying I got some bad reviews when #TheFacility came out last year. Hurt even more since I'm pretty sure writing the book saved my life. Please don't tag writers in negative reviews. We are dealing with shit you don't even know about during our writing journeys.

I try not to dwell on how depressed I got when I couldn't use my arms but I will say I no longer own any firearms. I am super allergic to milk and warned my family of self-harming thoughts I had at the time related to my food allergies. I am doing a lot better now.

I thought about including this stuff in the blog post but deleted it after writing it because it was hard to relive while writing the post. Be kind. Don't tag writer's in bad reviews. If a writer wants to read reviews they will seek them out. Let the writer have the choice.

I will share a note I made for myself after #TheFacility came out & I was tagged in some reviews:

If you'd like to buy a digital or print copy of The Facility you can do so on Amazon, Kobo, Barnes and Noble, Ninestar Press' website here:

If you'd like to read more about my journey writing Psychic Underground: The Facility I have a guest blog post on M.D. Neu's site here:

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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