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Psychic Underground: The Hunt is out NOW!

Psychic Underground: The Hunt, book 2 in my Psychic Underground series aka my wereTesla books, is out RIGHT NOW as of TODAY!

Psychic Underground: The Facility, book 1 in the series, is on sale for just $3.99 as an ebook!

Book 1: The Facility

Book 2: The Hunt

Cover art by @natashacsnow

Published by @ninestarpress

Psychic Underground: The Facility and Psychic Underground: The Hunt were written by me.

Warning: These books contain body horror and The Hunt contains a description of a cat being tortured. Reading minds can suck.

(Image that reads "Now Available" above a graphic of a tablet, a cellphone, and a printed book that feature the same book cover. The cover features a long tunnel with a small beer keg shaped chest in it. "Psychic Underground: The Hunt" and "Sarah Elkins" are printed over the image of the tunnel. The bottom of the graphic reads "") -Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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