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The Wrong Wizards Mirror on Tapas is Live! ALSO, new cover art finished!

Sorry there wasn't an update to The Wrong Wizards this week. I've been busy with dental and health stuff this month. No cavities, yay! BUT I gotta see an orthodontist which I can finally afford to do so that's gonna probably delay an update in a couple weeks again. However I have some good news! I finished making the cover art for The Wrong Wizards and started uploading the series to Tapas! I also plan to mirror it on Moonquill but the process for submitting something there takes a bit longer so I don't have a link to it yet.

Here's the cover art I made:

And here's a link to the mirror listing on Tapas:

I hope I can stick with this project and that readers enjoy it! Thank you for your support and for taking a look at The Wrong Wizards!

- Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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