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Bye bye Bird site

Years ago I signed up for a microblogging site called "Twitter." I liked Twitter and used it enough to be ranked as a "Power User." I met friends on Twitter. Found jobs on Twitter. Got to talk to writers and artists I admired on Twitter. I did NOT sign up for some site called "X."

That said, I will be deleting my Twitter accounts next week!

This will be a birthday gift to myself! If you still want to follow me somewhere here are all the other sites I'm on instead: Personal Website: Mastodon:

Facebook: Spoutible: Tumblr:

Instagram: Inkblot:

Hive: @neilak20




I will also try to use my personal website more because, hey, I really aught to do that!

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

PS: Now is an excellent time to catch up on reading my mystery web novel series: Book of CoL over on Tapas! Vol 1: The Ember Child is complete! Short stories will start running in September!

It's free to read and each chapter has an illustration! I'm doing a special INK and ART GIVEAWAY over on Tapas right now as well!

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