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I can't afford website hosting anymore

Heads-up everyone! Not that many people ever check out my website and blog that is...

Anyway, I can't afford to host a full website anymore, even on Wix's cheapest plan, so I will be working to migrate my domain to a different service that's much more barebones. Hopefully, I can set something up to serve as a little art gallery or something. I have been trying to find a job I can do from home for the last year and haven't had any luck. All the 'work from home transcription' things I've looked into aren't hiring because they're all switching to A.I. junk, which sucks. There's nothing in my town I qualify for except pizza delivery or subway sandwich making. Neither of those are things I can eat, by the way and they'd be very hard on my arms. I may take a friend up on their offer to host my website, but even if I do that it'll be more barebones than this one. If you'd like to donate something or check out stories and art I've been posting on my KoFi page you can do so here: Thank you for your patience and support.

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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