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Nikola Tesla Spotting

I keep thinking about the "Father of Tequila" ad from Cuervo that features Nikola Tesla.

Previously I had only seen the short version that didn't have Tesla in it but the 30 second version does AND HE'S DANCING ON A TABLE. lol

You can watch the ad I'm talking about here:

Kudos to whoever did the casting & make-up for this tequila commercial because damn did they get someone that looks more like Nikola Tesla than most people who've played him in things. This guy's even got similar ears.

You see that guy in the white suit BEHIND Nikola Tesla in that shot?

That's Mark Twain, who Nikola Tesla was friends with in real life.

Not only did they do great casting, they put Tesla near his real friend, who he would certainly have sought out in such a fantastical party.

I am not certain but I have a feeling the folks who made this tequila ad said "This is full of historical figures. We gotta get this stuff as close to correct as possible or we're gonna make historians mad and historians are scary."

And they did a good job.

Interesting things regarding Nikola Tesla that this ad makes me think about:

-When he was younger he had a bit of a drinking, gambling, and partying problem, particularly in college. It's one reason he didn't finish university.

-He went to fancy (& weird) parties as an adult.

-Nikola Tesla kept an unopened bottle of wine around to remind himself not to drink, so it's possible he didn't actually drink at the parties he went to.

-Known to be a showman when in his prime it is entirely possible he would have danced on a table while sober at a party. lol

Special thank you to my friend who blessed me with a gif of Tesla dancing on that table. Until next time this has been 'Nikola Tesla Spotting' and believe me there will be a 'next time' with this. I love spotting him in stuff! -Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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