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Post Blizzard Update

Popping on social media using my workPC to give y'all an update.

My house didn't lose power during the blizzard since we're on the same circuit as the local hospital. My brother kept the fireplace stoked like the boiler of an old steam ship. That plus the central heat and a little gas heater in our bathroom kept our pipes from breaking. We did lose water service for a day or so (the whole town and surrounding area did) but it's working again albeit at low pressure. We've been boiling that before using it for anything. The boil water order was just rescinded for my town so that's good news!

I had several migraines this week from the weather and my arms have ached. I was worried using my workPC might be that straw that breaks the camel's back in regards to the power grid. Kinda silly worry but I don't have the best luck, so I haven't been using my workPC since Monday.

Today I was able to go to HEB and Walmart to get some things for my house and for my dad. Tomorrow my brother and I will be visiting our dad to take him some food. I'm not sure if his water is working again or not but Home Depot donated water to his neighborhood.

Anyway, my family is super lucky, lots of people here in Texas haven't been. Please donate to charities helping folks here in Texas if you can.

I am going to spend some more time away from my workPC and most social media for a few more days. I will post on Twitter however as I seem to do that when anxious and I have been SUPER ANXIOUS this week. Also my arms have been hurting all week due to the changes in the temperatures outside.

I also hope to write some on my novel but will use my laptop to do that and will not be logging into social media when I do.

Take care everyone. Stay safe and warm. Wear a mask, please. There's still a global pandemic on top of the blizzard disaster.

-Sarah "Neila" Elkins

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